Adult Footed Pajamas

Adult footed pajamas used to be very popular at one time and are quickly gaining in popularity once again. These pajamas will keep you so snugly warm on those cold winter nights. The non-skid material on the feet will keep you safe from any slippery wood or vinyl floors. While these pajamas are wonderful for sleeping, they have another use as [...]

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Adult Footed Pajamas Are Back and More Popular Than Ever!

You probably remember footed pajamas made for adults. They were all the rage back in the mid 1970s but as time passed, the craze faded away. But now they are back and more [...]

Great Adult Footed Pajamas Source

In this short article, you will find some great discussion and resources for adult footed pajamas. These days the internet is really buzzing about those great pajamas we all [...]

Blanket Sleepers to Footed Pajamas – Fun and Safe Sleepwear For the Entire Family

The well known blanket sleeper is known by many names, such as footed pajama, feety pajama, sleepsuit, footed sleeper, all-in-one and even bunny suit. The name you use is [...]