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Using the weapons you should have no trouble getting through.Yakuza 4 is a long game, and even without partaking in the many activities and minigames available in the game, there is still a significant amount of play that has to go into it to get the platinum.This can be done by ordering her favorite food and drinks, giving her presents, or answering her questions with the correct answers.Once you have their card, re-enter Jewel and specifically request Erena, then enter again to request Noa.Saejima - Essence of Super Heavy Weapons - Something as heavy as that is sure to do damage.In front of Bantam on Millennium Tower East St. you will be approached by Kotaro.Part 1 Cleared Part 2 Cleared Part 3 Cleared Part 4 Cleared Thank You Indomitable.Entering from Millennium Tower, the key will be down the first stairs against the wall on the left.

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Take a taxi back to Kamurocho, then take another taxi to the Docks.

Earn all other trophies to be awarded the platinum for Yakuza 4.Then speak with him again to give the answers for the next hostess.Two Great Bombers and three regular punches will eliminate an enemy.Unlike Yakuza 3, you only have to find 5 locker keys and use them to open their corresponding lockers, making this trophy fairly easy.The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Yakuza 3 for PlayStation 3 (PS3).

How well has the original Yakuza held up? This was a PlayStation 2 game, after all, and as great as that console was, and many of its games still are, it was also a.Pantyman - Story encounter in Part 1 Chapter 4 on the roof of Sky Finance.Quickly run around him and get in his way again to make him turn around.Be aware that Sango is also able to parry attacks in the same way that Tanimura does.Enter your hideout in Theatre Underground B1 for a cutscene with Tadokoro.Once all rounds in a single mission type are completed, one round of the Ultimate Match type will be unlocked.

If he falls out of the combo, use a HEAT action once he hits the ground for some extra damage, then start the combo over again before Minami finishes standing up.Obviously you will also want to load down your characters with as many healing items such as Staminan Spark or Staminan Royale as they have room left for.When you finish the game, it will save your Clear Data which you can use for the next step.

Occasionally the game will bring up a selection window that allows you to call Chow, Pung, or Kong, which you must not do.Go to New Serena on Tenkaichi St. to see an event with Date and a baby.Once you have their card, re-enter Jewel and specifically request Maya.This Pin was discovered by Matthew Chidester. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.With any luck, you can lock them into the juggle again before they can react.The key to winning this mission is to ignore the Scary Man, wearing the white coat and tuft of bright red hair.

Yakuza 4; Last of Us: Left Behind; Resident Evil 4; Murdered: Soul. He totally has no idea how to play poker though. permalink; embed; save; report; give gold.Go back to Theater Underground B2, and go south again till you get another message.ROUND 2: Strongest Saejima - Eliminate Majima within the time limit (2:00) Weapons: None.Just make sure that their Health is at or near full before you do so, to avoid a premature end to the fight and potential injury.After that, discard any single tiles in your hand that match tiles that have been discarded by your opponents.

D1 - On top of the vending machine across the street to the south of the M Store.Attacks involving direct contact are prohibited Weapons: None.HEAT actions work extremely well for this purpose, essentially preventing Hana from scoring while the the attack finishes off her target.

There are four videos for each game, for a total of 12 videos.At night, take a taxi to the docks to confront the counterfeiters.This set prevents the wearer from being knocked down while in HEAT mode.If you do the longer Rush Combos, Sugiuchi will usually be fast enough to interrupt your combo.I've played baccarat betting on Tie, lost and reloaded 30 times so far and never won. Yakuza 4 ~Successor to the Legend~ ã€ é¾ ã Œå¦‚ã ï¼.How to Avoid Street Fights Getting Help from People - Akiyama Police Patrols - Saejima Police Scanner - Tanimura Gang Encounters - Kiryu.B2 - Southwest corner of Champion District, next to trashbags and yellow crates on the ground.