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Okay so I just got a PowerBook G4 off eBay (been wanting one for ages). The listing said that it had 512MB of RAM and for the price, I was okay.The hidden slot is on the underside of the processor card (the user-upgradable RAM slot sits atop the processor card).

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Sonnet Tempo Professional SATA Pro 6Gb 2-Port PCIex4 slot. * Free Memory shipping. G4, G3, Aluminum & Titanium PowerBook G4, PowerBook G3, iBook.

The PowerBook G4/1.5 15" also is similar to the PowerBook G4/1.25 15". a slot-loading 4X DVD-R/CD-RW. How do you upgrade the RAM in the PowerBook G4 models?.

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Apple is facing a new class-action lawsuit that charges the company with failing to fully recognize the scope of a memory slot defect in its PowerBook G4 notebooks.

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Replace the drive, screw it into the bracket, attach the data connector, and press the new hard drive into place.Technical specifications for Apple PowerBook G4 15.2. Go. Cart (0) Account Newsletter Contact. 800-405-0342 Shipping - Returns. Memory Finder. Total Memory Slots: 2.

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Place your index fingers inside the expansion bays and locate the ridged, plastic tab on the roof of each expansion bay.Apple PowerBook G4 (867 MHz) memory upgrade options and technical information - all backed by 3 guarantees - visible performance boost, true match compatibility and.Apple Powers Up Titanium PowerBook G4 with New G4. its newline of Titanium PowerBook® G4 notebooks with. AGP 4X and 16MB DDR video memory.PowerBook G4 (15-inch FW800) Memory Card Replacement - 6 2. Slide the card forward to the lower slot. Firmly push the card straight into the slot until.

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15″ PowerBook G4. which leaves the built-in display off and dedicates all video RAM to an external display. Got a G4 PowerBook or iBook?.Apple Powerbook G4 Aluminum A1095 15" 1.5 Ghz 2.0GB 80GB SuperDrive. a slot-loading 4X DVD-R/CD-RW. How do you upgrade the RAM in the PowerBook G4 models?.DMS offers PC133 Memory for your Apple PowerBook G4 1GHz 15" Titanium M8859LL/A. 100% Apple Compatible and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.I have a Powerbook G4 15" 1.5 GHz which for the last year or so has been exhibiting the same intermittent Memory Slot problem. As others have commented on this site.

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so the lower ram slot on my PowerBook G4 1.67 only works ocassionally. But not all the time.Why would it do that? Is the mother board failing?.If the slot cover is preventing the card from being inserted,. Resetting the PRAM will permanently remove a RAM disk, if present, and. PowerBook G4 ® ¤ ¤.Apple Powerbook G4 Aluminum 12” Repair Manual. With the four screws removed, you can remove the access cover to the ram slot. To install ram,.

Oh ho, thanks a lot encouraging me about the good in PowerBooks.

PowerBook G4 Memory and Drives;. Maximum Memory: 1GB: Memory Slots: 2. 64MB Apple PowerBook 144 Pin PC100 SDRAM SODIMM (p/n APL144X64).Getting Started With Your PowerBook G4. Security Slot and Keyboard Lock 58. the PowerBook checks its memory before it starts up.You can actually install as much as 512MB of RAM if you put 256MB 144-pin SDRAM modules in both the user-accessible upper RAM slot.Apple G4 PowerBook 3,3 (Gigabit/Ti) M8362LL/A,M8622LL/A Memory Specs STANDARD MEMORY: 128MB or 256MB; MAXIMUM MEMORY: 1GB NUMBER OF SLOTS: 2.

Using a Torx T-8 screwdriver, unscrew the two screws that hold the green data connector to the hard-drive bracket.12-inch PowerBook G4 The 12-inch PowerBook G4 provides the most advanced and complete feature set of any ultracompact notebook. Key Features 4.6 pounds.

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All 15in PowerBook G4 Aluminum models use DDR except only the very last 15in model which was the 1.67GHz PowerPC 7447a uses DDR2. Your PowerBook takes PC2700 RAM.The actual maximum RAM for each Apple PowerBook G4 with complete specs a click away. Includes memory info, motherboard RAM, RAM slots, identifiers and more.And it has all additional stuff included (except from the box).Buy 1GB RAM Memory Upgrade for the iBook G4 and Powerbook G4 Apple notebooks (DDR. model of PowerBook or iBook G4 for. didn't have a slot for the memory.